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What’s black and white and supports false climate solutions?

At the end of October,¬†with the COP21 climate talks due to start within weeks, it came to Feral X’s attention that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) were sponsors of the ‘Solutions COP21‘expo being held in Paris to coincide with the climate talks.

Re-branded ‘False Solutions COP21’ by the climate movement, this expo provided big business with the opportunity to promote market based technological fixes to try to address climate change with¬†sponsors including amongst others Engie, Suez Environment and Avril / Sofiproteol.

Engie, owner of 30 coal power plants, Suez Environment lobbyist for shale gas and agribusinesses and Avril / Sofiproteol, a biofuel and biotechnology company all took this opportunty to ‘greenwash’ their image whilst contributing to the problems facing the planet.

The WWF through agreeing to sponsor this event provided a veneer of credibility to these companies and in consequence Feral X paid a visit to WWF‘s offices in Woking.


On the opening day of the Solutions expo, activists from around the world joined visitors to the event where they protested at the inclusion of companies who were using the event to promote their false solutions. This resulted in the removal of the activists from the building along with many journalists covering the protest.